This blog is an effort to consolidate information for the community of Oakland, current and former residents, about the future of the park site.  Every effort will be made to add photos, news articles, and updates from the committee that is moving this project forward.  We value your input as well. Remember that not everyone may share the same sentiment, and all comments are moderated and subject to approval.  Thank you for being involved!

Update 3/28/2016

2016 TRAIL MAP – The map below is the current one for the park, with proposed projects. Entry to the park is from Doty Rd. off Ramapo Valley Rd. If you go over the Doty Road Bridge you have gone too far!

Map Mar 2016

2016 Trail Map Great Oak Park


2 Responses to About

  1. Roy Strauss says:

    The website does not tell where to park, where to enter, or a trail map, help

    • Debbie says:

      Roy, thank you for pointing that out. We will get something on this page to help people get to the park! The entrance is on Doty Rd, from Rt. 202. If you have gone over the Doty Rd bridge you have gone to far. Parking is available once you enter the park on the right.

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