Great Oak Park – Review from The Record

Indeed, Great Oak Park has come a long way. Thanks to all who have made the dream a reality the last few years. Read the article from The Record for a great review of the park and the volunteer efforts to bring this area back to life.


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A life well lived. Traveled lots, made great friends, love to cook and read and listen to great music. And baseball - my love of the game is fierce. So much so that I moved to be close to where my lifetime favorite team trains in the Spring - part of my retirement plan. And yes, I am still loving life!
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2 Responses to Great Oak Park – Review from The Record

  1. June Selders says:

    We would love to visit, but no where, even on your web site, is there an address. Please, tell me where the Park is in Oakland? Thank you.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi June, the Park entrance is located on Doty Rd, right after you turn off RVR. I’m not even sure if there is an official address. Hope that helps.

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