Park Trails Named

Update from Mike G:

See the map below – all the park trails are officially named!  Most of the paths are named after the Pleasureland owners’ families.  The one exception is Parete Path, which is named after Carmine Parete, one of the names we voted upon during the park naming contest.
NOTE: Carmine’s name is spelled wrong on this diagram but was corrected for the record and will be posted correctly on the park trail signs.
This is only the start.  As the park develops there will be more honors and more things named after people, events etc.  Stay up to date here or on facebook as we continue shaping the park…

About Debbie

A life well lived. Traveled lots, made great friends, love to cook and read and listen to great music. And baseball - my love of the game is fierce. So much so that I moved to be close to where my lifetime favorite team trains in the Spring - part of my retirement plan. And yes, I am still loving life!
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3 Responses to Park Trails Named

  1. s.landman says:

    we explored the park today and were upset that there was no sign or trail name anywhere !

    • Debbie says:

      The signs will not be ready for another month. The committee didn’t feel they should delay the opening just because there weren’t signs posted. Hope you enjoyed your day anyway!

  2. Mike says:

    I remember him in his later years, trapping problem animals and performing his duties well beyond when most people retire and watch TV. I believe he also operated a helicopter to keep an eye on the woods.
    Used to come into Oakland Hardware with a million old “cowboy” stories to tell. True legend!

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